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Find the Right Saucepan or Saucier for Your Needs

We all know that saucepans are for a whole lot more than just making sauce. In fact, they serve as the home chef’s go-to when boiling water for pasta, making rice, steaming vegetables, making hard-boiled eggs and so much more. Since it’s almost always ranked at the top of the list of kitchen essentials (along with a good skillet, of course), you certainly don’t want to cut corners or impulse-buy this crucial piece of cooking equipment. Sur La Table is here to help guide you through your purchase so you buy one you love and use for life. Read on, or read more about things to look for when buying a saucepan.

From Nonstick to Copper: Saucepans for All Applications

As always, we offer saucepans and sauciers (rounded saucepans) by heritage cookware brands that you know will deliver. All-Clad, GreenPan, SCANPAN, Le Creuset, Zwilling, Demeyere, Wolf and Mauviel make premium saucepans that will endure in even the busiest kitchens. If your saucepan is meant to serve as the first piece of equipment in your ever-growing kitchen arsenal, you need to carefully consider which style and material is best-suited for you. Stainless steel, clad aluminum and nonstick saucepans are always a safe bet for home chefs looking to build up a reliable daily-use toolkit. Obvious choices in this department include All-Clad, Zwilling and SCANPAN.

Not sure whether to buy a large or a small saucepan? Pick something in-between. A medium saucepan (a 3- or 4-quart one is good) will serve you well in many standard cooking applications, like boiling water for rice or pasta or making smaller volumes of sauce.

We also have a wide variety of copper and enameled cast iron saucepans at Sur La Table. Copper saucepans (Mauviel, All-Clad, SCANPAN) can be pricey but bring a gorgeous, traditional aesthetic to your kitchen and promise exceptional heat conduction. Colorful, versatile and durable, enameled cast iron (Le Creuset, Staub) rarely disappoints, offering a heavy-duty appeal and the added bonus of being attractive and oven-safe. No matter what you’re making or how much you have to spend, Sur La Table can help pair you with the perfect saucepans for your needs.