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Update your home bar with an elegant decanter from Sur La Table. These glassware decanters make an elegant way to display and serve drinks while entertaining. However, they also serve a practical purpose by bringing out the best flavors in every drink. Using a decanter is one of the easiest ways to upgrade every bottle of wine, scotch or whiskey, making it taste as delicious as possible so every sip counts. Learn more about how decanters work and discover unique and attractive decanter styles when you shop on our site.

What Does a Decanter Do?

Decanting a drink essentially means to pour it from one container (the original bottle) into another (the decanter). From there, a wine decanter serves two main purposes. First, it removes sediment from the wine. This is especially helpful for older vintage port wines or Bordeaux, both of which can throw off quite a bit of sediment over time. Removing sediment improves not only the appearance but also the taste of your wine. Putting your wine in a decanter also aerates it. The wine’s aromas and flavors will open up even more as it takes in oxygen. This is great for wines with lots of tannins and full-bodied varietals, such as Cabernet blends and Syrah.

For whiskey and scotch, minimal oxidation will take place due to the higher alcohol content. However, the decanter provides a practical place to keep the contents of a partially used bottle, especially since these drinks are consumed in much smaller amounts at a time compared to wine. A good scotch or whiskey decanter should have an airtight seal to preserve the flavor, as opposed to an unsealed white or red wine decanter.

The Best Decanters for a Home Bar

At Sur La Table, you’ll find high-quality decanters designed to look beautiful and enhance flavors. Look for lead-free glass that won’t affect the quality or flavor of your drinks. Depending on your preferences, you can also find dishwasher-safe decanters for easy cleanup. Add an elegant piece to your bar glassware collection with one of these stylish decanters from Sur La Table.