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Shun Classic Blonde Collection

Hand-forged by expert Japanese craftsmen in Seki City, Japan, the Shun knife is renowned for its precision, beauty and performance. Continuing with the samurai sword’s tradition, Japanese knife blades are both lessons in history as well as essential tools to use in the modern kitchen. Each Shun knife takes at least 100 individual steps to complete and is imbued with a combination of traditional knife-making philosophies and modern-day materials.

Premium Quality in a Beautiful Package

The Shun Classic Blonde Collection is one of the newest offerings from this top-of-the-line knife-making company. Enjoy a proprietary VG-MAX cutting core made with cobalt, chromium and carbon. The core is then surrounded by 34 layers of patterned steel Damascus on each side, which helps prevent sticking and resists corrosion and staining. Classic Blonde delivers premium quality in a beautiful package, thanks to its unique D-shaped pakkawood handles that are durable and won’t harbor bacteria. Lightweight, thin and sharp, you’ll stay in control with every slice.

Order your Shun Classic Blonde knife of choice in a single knife purchase, or opt to invest in a five-piece starter set that includes a block and a Shun sharpening instrument to keep your Shun knives in top working order. Be sure to check out our selection of other Shun knife collections and tools while you’re visiting us today.

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