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Shun Premier Blonde. Go Blonde. The high-performance and lasting durability of Shun, now available with beautiful, blonde handles.
Shun Knives: Modern Innovation Meets Traditional Knifemaking

Preferred by discerning pro chefs around the world, including Alton Brown, Shun knives (pronounced “shoon”) make an excellent addition to any budding cook’s kitchen arsenal. Each and every Shun knife is handcrafted by highly skilled blade specialists in Seki, the knife capital of Japan, where it takes 100 steps to complete. Featuring razor-sharp blades, advanced materials and undeniably attractive finishes, Shun cutlery is an easy choice for daily use in busy kitchens, whether at home or in a restaurant setting. Sur La Table proudly offers a complete array of knives from the best Shun collections.

What Makes a Shun Knives Set Special?

Shun knives are forged from high-performance steel that are made to be thinner, lighter and sharper without compromising durability or performance. Cutting-edge materials in the Shun portfolio include VG10 stainless steel, which adds cobalt and vanadium for extra hardness, and VG-MAX, a super-steel made with additional carbon, chromium and cobalt to improve strength and corrosion resistance. Each blade features a 16-degree cutting edge on both sides, providing a supremely sharp and thin cutting experience that keeps you in total control.

At Sur La Table, we offer an assortment of knife options by Shun. If you’re just starting out with this brand, we recommend the Shun Classic Collection, with knives featuring 69 layers of steel with a VG-MAX core. The Shun Blue Collection should be a consideration for advanced chefs, as it features a carbon steel cutting core between two layers of polished stainless steel. Whether you’re looking for a Shun knives set or need Shun knife sharpening accessories, the Sur La Table team is happy to assist. Our team is highly knowledgeable on this legacy knife brand and will happily lead you to the right option for your needs.

Need a left-handed chef’s knife? While many lefties find Shun’s D-shaped handles quite comfortable, Shun does make select knives for left-handed users, and we’re happy to help you find one.