Knife Blocks & Storage

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A good set of kitchen knives is an absolute necessity for any home chef. But what’s the best way to store them? At Sur La Table, you’ll find a variety of great options that serve your knife storage needs in terms of both practicality and style. From knife blocks to magnetic knife strips, each option has its own perks to consider when finding the right solution for your kitchen.

The Best Knife Storage Options

Regardless of which types of knives you have and how your kitchen is laid out, there’s a simple knife storage option that will work for you. One of our favorites is a classic wooden knife block. Perfect for those with plenty of counter space, this knife holder keeps your cutlery within reach and has a stylish appearance as well. If your counters are already a little cramped, consider a magnetic knife holder. This wall-mounted option is a great space-saver for compact kitchens. If you prefer to keep knives out of sight, consider a bag that functions as a knife case or apply blade guards for safer in-drawer knife storage.

Keep Your Knives Organized

Did you know that you don’t need to buy a new set of knives just for the knife block? At Sur La Table, knife blocks without knives are easy to come by for all your counter storage needs. And if your knife collection doesn’t fit easily into the standard block slots, there’s no need to worry. Choose one of our knife magnetic holder blocks that hold blades securely in place. Browse the full collection to find the perfect fit for your knife storage preferences.