Cheese Knives

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Serve the Ultimate Spread with Premium Cheese Knives

Honor your favorite hunks, wheels and wedges with premium cheese knives from Sur La Table. Every gourmet chef or food-focused entertainer knows that the meal should begin with (or, if you’re serving a traditional French meal, end with) a spread of yummy cheese. Brie, cheddar, camembert, gruyere, gouda, stilton, gorgonzola. You simply cannot have enough cheese on your board, and the appropriate utensils only enhance the experience. Sur La Table has the ideal cheese knives set for your needs and preferences, with options by Wüsthof, French Home, Rösle and more.

Serve your fromage on a marble, stone or natural wood cheese board. This will help you create a stunning display while maintaining the ideal flavor and temp of the cheese.

Individual Knives and Cheese Knife Sets

We have individual cheese knives as well as sets in all the most useful shapes and styles. One fundamental and versatile cheese knife is the fork-tipped spear, which features a broad, sharp spear as well as a fork edge to slice firm cheeses and then pick up pieces to place on your plate. The wide-head knife portion makes it great for handling soft, crumbly cheeses as well. A flat cheese knife or spade generally features a wider blade and a broad, spatula-inspired design for easily slicing and serving hard and semi-hard cheeses. You can also slice off the perfect cheese slivers with a durable, handheld cheese slicer.

Prefer soft or creamy cheeses? Us too. A cheese spreader is perfect for slicing and spreading soft goat cheese, brie, camembert, feta, gorgonzola and other creamy, gooey varieties. Create a professional-grade cheese knife set with individual stainless steel cheese knives, spreaders, cleavers and slicers or pick from one of our pre-bundled sets to get everything you need for serving up a sensational spread. These handy toolsets also make fantastic gifts for the turophile on your list.