Paring Knives

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Handle delicate cutting tasks in the kitchen with the help of a high-quality paring knife from Sur La Table. These small, short-bladed knives are great for a wide variety of detailed work in preparing meals and snacks. A paring knife is listed among our top types of kitchen knives that every home chef needs and is considered just as important as the ever-versatile chef’s knife. Learn more about how this piece of cutlery can come in handy in your kitchen.

Uses of Paring Knives

The paring knife is a particularly agile tool. It’s created for precision cuts and is easy to maneuver in smaller spaces. Paring knives are probably most closely associated with peeling fruits and vegetables. However, they’re also great for mincing herbs, garlic, shallots and other smaller ingredients. The sharp tip can be used for deseeding fruit or even deveining shrimp. Plus, if you need to score the surface of meat or breads, paring knives are perfectly fit for the task.

The Best Paring Knife Brands

At Sur La Table, we’re proud to offer paring knives from some of the most trusted cutlery brands in the industry. Choose a Zwilling J.A. Henckels paring knife known for its German craftsmanship, or pick a Japanese paring knife from a respected brand like Shun or Miyabi. Looking to expand your knife collection beyond just a paring knife? Check out our knife sets to outfit your kitchen with a wider range of tools.