Outdoor Cookware

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Set up your backyard to become a convenient outdoor kitchen with this selection of outdoor cookware from Sur La Table. For those who already have a grill, our selection of cookware and tools is just what you need to boost your skills as a grill master. And if you’re in need of outdoor cooking equipment, we’ve got you covered with a selection of outdoor grills, smokers and ovens. Make the most of beautiful days by cooking your meals al fresco with outdoor cookware from Sur La Table.

The Best Grilling Tools

Your typical kitchen tools aren’t made for grilling, which is why it’s so important to stock up on quality grilling tools. Our collection includes a variety of utensils designed specifically for grilling, including spatulas, tongs, brushes and more. These items feature longer handles to protect your arms and hands from the flames as well as durable materials that can withstand high heats. Besides these basics, you may want to select some grilling cookware for working on new recipes. For example, Sur La Table grill baskets are great for preparing grilled veggies and seafood, while Sur La Table grill pans provide a flat surface for baking pizzas and breads over the fire. n of backyard BBQ foods includes unique accents like chili lime salt and sun-dried tomato pesto. You can even find molds to make your own ice pops. Create a flavor combination that’s irresistible when you browse through this collection.

Cooking with Grills and Smokers

There are a number of ways you can cook outside. While grilling is the most common, there’s nothing wrong with trying out some other methods to expand your cooking horizons. Consider using a portable pizza oven to make custom pies for the whole family. Upgrade your outdoor cooking station by adding a smoker where you can slow-cook everything from lamb chops to ribs. We also carry some handy grill parts and accessories to complete your grilling setup. Shop at Sur La Table today to find a selectin of the best outdoor cooking equipment.