Grilling Tools

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Make sure you’re prepared to cook all kinds of delicious entrées and sides outside with grilling tools from Sur La Table. With everything from classic grill tools like brushes and tongs to specialty items like fish spatulas and poultry shears, there’s something to assist with every outdoor cooking recipe in this collection. These tools can help you get the results you want every time you grill. Browse through the full collection to find grilling accessories from some of the top brands in the industry.

Essential Grilling Tools

Not sure which accessories you need for grilling? Your essential grill set should include some basic tools. A grill spatula is a must for flipping burgers, while tongs can be used for moving steaks, chicken breasts and more. Basting brushes help to keep your food juicy, and you’ll need a grill brush for cleanup, too. Remember that these tools should feature longer handles that help to keep your hands and arms away from the heat of the grill. Other items can be added to your set as needed. For example, a Sur La Table grill basket is a great option for grilling diced veggies, shrimp and other small items. You can also use cedar grilling planks to add a smoky flavor to lamb chops, fish, veggies and more.

The Top Grilling Tool Brands

At Sur La Table, we’re proud to offer grill tools from some of the most trusted names in cooking. OXO is known for making easy-to-handle cooking tools, including grilling tons and pizza wheels. If you like to use stainless steel, be sure to check out our grill accessories by Rösle. Lodge has the best selection of accessories for using with cast iron grilling cookware. The Sur La Table outdoor cooking brand also includes a wide range of versatile tools, including our popular Sur La Table grilling basket. Find these and other top brands when you shop on our site for grilling tools and accessories.