Grilling Cookware

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Experiment with new recipes when you use grilling cookware from Sur La Table. If you love to use your grill to make tasty meals for the whole family, you’ll definitely want to check out all of the unique, high-quality cookware in this collection. There are so many exciting ways to incorporate this equipment into your favorite grilling recipes. Plus, you can try making new foods on the grill so you can enjoy cooking outdoors more frequently. Learn more about our grilling cookware options so you can expand your abilities as a home chef.

The Best Grilling Cookware Brands

When you shop at Sur La Table, you’ll find a curated collection of the best grilling cookware brands. You can always count on Lodge to get the very best cast iron cookware, including skillets and pans made for the grill. Ooni pizza ovens are designed specifically for making the perfect grilled pizzas. Rösle is one of the premier brands for professional-grade stainless steel cookware, including grill pans, baskets and racks. And for high-quality, affordable grilling cookware, check out our selection of Sur La Table grill pans, Sur La Table grill baskets and more.

Easy Grilling Recipes

With cookware from this collection, you can branch out beyond your typical grilled meals to try some new recipes. For example, you can use a special Rösle potato rack to grill spuds over the flames. A Sur La Table grilling basket or grill grid is perfect for grilling veggies that would be too small to place on your grill grate. Try using Sur La Table baking steel to make pizzas on the grill, or use grilling shells and oyster pans to make scallops and seafood. Enjoy experiment with new possibilities in outdoor cooking when you use grill cookware from this collection.