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Fill your home with the wonderful aroma of fresh-baked bread whenever you want with one of the many baking pans available at Sur La Table. Our selection of loaf and bread pans includes a wide variety of materials, sizes and shapes to accommodate all of your baking plans. You can whip up classic, simple breads to enjoy daily as sandwiches or toast, or create distinctive loaf styles to impress your loved ones at a special dinner or celebratory gathering. Choose from these bakeware options to enjoy homemade bread that’s just as delicious as anything from your local bakery.

Pans for Every Bread Style

You’ll certainly have no trouble finding standard loaf pans when you shop on our site. These pans are perfect for making your go-to white, wheat or cornbread recipes. But at Sur La Table, we also cater to creative home bakers who want to try out bread recipes or uniquely shaped loaves. That’s why our collection also includes options for exciting bread styles, including brioche bread pans, baguette pans and biscotti pans. You can find the perfect pans for making meatloaf or even homemade hot dog buns. Once you’ve mastered the classic loaf, you’ll be eager to try out these fun baking challenges.

How to Choose the Right Bread Pan Material

When you shop for bakeware and baking tools, it’s important to consider how various materials can affect your baking results. Aluminum bread pans are a popular choice since this material is known for heating up and cooling down quickly. Ceramic bread pans never absorb odors or flavors and make for beautiful serving dishes that can go right from the oven to the table. A glass pan is great for certain recipes where keeping an eye on browning is important, while silicone’s flexibility makes it especially easy to pop loaves out of the pan. Shop for Sur La Table bakeware along with options from other top home chef brands on our site to find just what you need to bake warm, fluffy and delicious homemade bread.