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Peak performance. Meticulously crafted in Belgium, Demeyere Industry5 uses cutting-edge technology to deliver impeccable results.

Turn every recipe into an opportunity to show off your culinary skills with Demeyere cookware from Sur La Table. This Belgium-based brand features some of the finest stainless-steel cookware products available in the industry, with the goal of bringing professional quality to the kitchen of the average home cook. Founded near Antwerp in the early 20th century, Demeyere has been a leader in the use of aluminum cores to improve stainless steel’s heat conductivity. With timeless designs, exceptional durability and reliable performance, Demeyere pots and pans are always a smart investment. Start browsing through our complete collection of Demeyere cookware to find the products that work best for your unique needs and cooking style.

It’s All in the Details

When you shop for cookware, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. After all, don’t most pots and pans look essentially the same? When you see Demeyere cookware, however, you’ll immediately notice that it stands out from the crowd. The gleaming stainless-steel material is brightened by the Silvinox® finish, which helps to maintain the stunning beauty of Demeyere pots and pans and prevent discoloration. The result is undeniably professional products with exceptional durability that you’ll be proud to use and display in your kitchen. Each detail has been carefully tuned to perfection: even the tiniest details within the lids and handles make these cookware products more appealing.

Demeyere Cookware Lines

Sur La Table carries some of the most popular Demeyere lines, which include:

  • Demeyere Industry5 Collection: These hard-working yet beautiful cookware items are made with a durable, 5-ply clad construction that’s 3mm thick for even heat distribution on any cooking surface. You’ll appreciate its superior base stability, welded handles and induction compatibility.
  • Demeyere Atlantis Collection: The unparalleled design and high performance of the non-reactive 18/10 stainless steel Atlantis Collection are must-haves in the discerning cook’s kitchen. This cookware features a 7-ply construction for even heat distribution. Additionally, the InductoSeal base combines a 2mm copper disk that’s nestled between layers of silver. Tripllnduc, a special combination of three alloys, delivers 30% more cooking efficiency.

Demeyere Specialty Products

Demeyere also manufactures a wide variety of other unique products, so in addition to basic cookware sets, you can find special pot inserts, unique pan sizes and specialty cookware for preparing smoked meats, steaming mussels and poaching eggs. With cutting-edge technology and innovative details, it’s no surprise that Demeyere cookware delivers consistently impressive results.

Choose Your Demeyere Cookware Collection

Each Demeyere collection offers unique features and benefits, making it easy to customize your kitchen with the cookware that works for your specific needs. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your pots, pans and other kitchen essentials, shop online at Sur La Table. You will see all that Demeyere cookware has to offer and will be able to make a high-quality investment that will provide you with tried-and-tested tools to help you make more and gather often.