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Put your style on display during every meal with elegant flatware from Sur La Table. Our brand is proud to present a lineup of unique flatware pieces designed with both beauty and function in mind. Whether you are enjoying a simple weeknight dinner with your loved ones or you’re hosting a group of family and friends for a celebration at your home, you can make every meal feel special by using finely crafted Sur La Table flatware. Check out our complete collection.

Must-Have Flatware for Entertaining

You probably already have a flatware set for your home. That’s great for everyday eating, but if you enjoy entertaining, or if you simply want to make some of your meals feel extra stylish, you’ll need to add a few more flatware pieces to your collection. At Sur La Table, our flatware is designed with these needs in mind. We offer accessory pieces that usually aren’t included in basic flatware sets, such as serving utensils, spreaders, cheese knives and appetizer forks. You’ll also find items like demitasse spoons, amuse-bouche spoons and chopsticks in our collection. With a few of these flatware pieces, you’ll be able to serve up impressive meals for your family, friends and guests.

Unique Flatware Styles

Sur La Table flatware is anything but ordinary. We love making flatware that ranges from rustic to modern to whimsical. That makes it easy for any home chef to find pieces that complement their personal style. Be sure to check out our lovely pieces made from Italian olivewood. We also have classic porcelain styles as well as those with copper accents. Shop now to find the distinctive flatware styles, which will help every dish feel unique.