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Grate Smarter
What started with a woodworking tool and a flash of inspiration has become our favorite way to grate just about everything.
Discover Microplane's incredible lineup of grater and zester tools when you shop at Sur La Table. Microplane has been a leader in creating these kitchen accessories for over 25 years. They're behind some of today's best kitchen gadgets, and their sharp products have the power to add loads of flavor to your homemade meals. Learn more about Microplane graters and Microplane zesters to discover what makes them a cut above the rest.

Graters vs. Zesters

The two types of products for which Microplane is best known are graters and zesters. Zesters are often called lemon zesters since that’s the ingredient they’re most frequently used for. However, zesters can be used for any type of citrus fruit. The super-fine dusting of rind produced by this tool comes from the incredibly tiny holes on the surface of the zester. Graters, sometimes called cheese graters, tend to have larger holes in two or more sizes. They’re primarily used with cheese and veggies for shredding large pieces.

Tips for Using a Zester or Grater

When using one of Microplane’s tools, you’ll want to exert some caution to avoid injuring yourself on the sharp holes. The best way to do this is to wear cut-resistant gloves. You should also use long, smooth strokes against the surface of the grater or zester to get the best results. If you’re trying to shred a softer ingredient like cheese, you can place it in the freezer for about 20 to 30 minutes beforehand to make it easier to grate. Use these tips to help with food preparation with your Microplane slicing tools.