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Designed to Delight
Make prep and cooking a little faster and simpler—Zyliss puts a lot of love into every inventive tool.
Streamline the way you create food with innovative products from Zyliss. From chopping veggies to preparing salads, these kitchen tools offer more efficient ways to prepare food at home. Learn more about Zyliss products to discover what makes them such a smart choice for today’s home cooks.

Zyliss Design Philosophy

Zyliss has specialized in kitchen utensils and accessories for over 70 years. Since its founding, the company has had a clear focus centered on their “design to delight” principle. They strive to make sure every product is simple, functions efficiently and makes their customers smile. Everything is designed to engage the customer in the food preparation process while also making the process itself faster and easier. They put care into every detail to make sure products are both innovative and intuitive. For these reasons, Zyliss tools have become best sellers around the globe.

Useful Kitchen Accessories

If you’re looking for expertly designed versions of some of the most common kitchen tools, Zyliss has what you need. Simple products like potato mashers, ice cream scoops, cheese graters and salad spinners offer superior performance and ergonomic designs. Their devices for chopping and dicing food require little effort for a great result and are even fun to use. Browse the full selection of Zyliss kitchen accessories and specialty tools to get inspired with new and improved ways to prepare food.