Cutting Boards

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To create culinary masterpieces, you need the right foundational tools in your kitchen. These cutting boards from Sur La Table offer an excellent base for your slicing, dicing and chopping tasks. From classic wooden cutting boards to options made with plastic or bamboo, there are plenty of options for upgrading your current kitchen gear.

Cutting Board Features to Look For

When browsing through our collection of cutting boards at Sur La Table, think about which features will be the most helpful to you based on the types of meals you like to create. For example, wood cutting boards with feet are popular because they help your food prep station stay safely in place as you chop. Handles can make large boards easier to maneuver. Grooves along the edges are great when cutting into juicy meats or fruits since they’ll help prevent messes.

Types of Cutting Boards

There’s some debate on which material makes for the best cutting boards. Many people prefer wood because it has more give, which is easier on kitchen knives. When it comes to cutting boards, wood options like teak are also very attractive and can add style to a kitchen. Just keep in mind that wooden boards occasionally need to be conditioned with oils. Bamboo cutting boards have a lightweight feel and are exceptionally durable. Many cooks appreciate that most plastic or silicone boards are dishwasher safe. Consider these options when choosing a cutting board for your own home or picking one out as a gift for a home chef.