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When it comes to kitchen utensils, spatulas and turners are some of the most-used items for any home chef. At Sur La Table, we offer a wide variety of these handy tools to make sure you have exactly what you need to create any delicious dish you have your heart set on.

Spatulas vs. Turners: What’s the Difference?

A “spatula” is a term that’s applied to a range of long-handled tools that are designed to mix, flip, spread and scrape ingredients while cooking or baking. These include rubber spatulas and silicone spatulas, which can be run along the edge of a bowl to guide excess materials into the main mixture.

Turners, on the other hand, refer to specific types of spatulas. A food turner features a long handle and a flat surface that is designed to help flip food items over. These can include pancakes, fish fillets, meats and more. Since food turners are primarily used on the stovetop, they’re made from heat-resistant materials like stainless steel and silicone. The size and shape of the surface area on a turner can vary depending on what it’s designed for, such as fish spatulas or pancake turners.

Spatula and Turner Materials

You’ll find kitchen spatulas and food turners made from several different materials. These can include:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Silicone
  • Metal

When choosing the right material, it is always important to consider what type of pots and pans with which you’re preparing your meals.

Silicone spatulas are heat-resistant and gentle on all types of cookware, even on those with nonstick surfaces.

Metal spatulas should not be used on nonstick pans because they can damage or scratch nonstick coatings.

Wood spatulas are all-natural options and are highly versatile: they can be used on all types of pans.

Although they are often the most affordable of all spatulas and food turners, Sur La Table recommends that plastic turners and spatulas be used with caution. Take into account the manufacturer’s specifications—plastic kitchen tools are not always as heat-resistant and can melt or burn if you’re cooking at high temperatures.

Top Brands for Kitchen Spatulas

When shopping for versatile kitchen tools like spatulas and turners, it’s important to look for well-made options that will hold up beautifully, even with frequent use. When you browse through this collection, you can choose from our own high-quality Sur La Table spatulas and turners or pick something from other trusted culinary brands like Tovolo, OXO or Rösle.

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