Carving Knives

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Make easy work of carving the Thanksgiving turkey or slicing up delicious roasts with a high-quality carving knife from Sur La Table. This is an essential knife you’ll need to have on hand if you like to entertain, host holiday celebrations in your home or prepare lavish family meals. Our carving knives and forked knives allow you to create slices as thin as you like and serve them up beautifully on a platter or individual plates. And with plenty of top knife brands from which to choose, it’s simple to find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Tips for Carving Meat

To properly carve meat, you’ll need a carving set that includes both a slicing knife and a forked knife. Before you get started, remember to let your meat rest for about 10 to 20 minutes to seal in flavorful juices. Next, place your meat on a large cutting board with channels along the edges. Take your carving knife and fork set in your hands and insert the fork into the top of the meat. Then, use your slicing knife to cut into the meat diagonally against the grain. Remember to always cut away from yourself to prevent accidental injuries.

How to Choose Carving Knives

The best carving knife will have an ergonomic handle that’s easy to grip. In addition, the knife will be forged from a single piece of metal for added durability and strength. Depending on the type of meat you’ve prepared, you may want a serrated slicer knife (for tougher cuts of meat) or a thinner, straight-edged knife (for tender meats that are easier to slice into). Shop for a meat carving knife or carving set at Sur La Table to get this must-have kitchen tool.