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Bob Kramer Essential Collection: Essentially Superior. What makes this collection a cut above? FC61 STEEL. FC stands for fine-carbide distribution. So what is fine carbide distribution? Think of two different beaches–a white-sand beach and a stony gravel beach. The sand beach, thanks to its smaller particles, is smooth and uniform. The surface of the gravel beach is pitted, uneven and full of irregularities.A similar principle applies to steel’s molecules—the smaller and more evenly distributed the carbides, the more uniform the surface of the blade. In FC61 steel, this dense molecular structure results in a uniform blade that can be honed to a screaming-sharp edge and is incredibly easy to maintain. 61 refers to the steel’s rating on the Rockwell hardness scale. Each blade undergoes a revolutionary double Friodur® ice-hardening process, which improves the microstructure even further for increased cutting performance, corrosion resistance and astonishing durability.
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