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The Very Best Oven-Safe Cookware

Welcome to Sur La Table’s exceptional assortment of oven-safe cookware, where we show you just how easy it is to take sides and mains from range to oven and back again. This line includes products that move with ease from stovetop to oven to table, providing true versatility no matter what you’re cooking. These are the essentials you need for whipping up gourmet baked pasta, layered party dips, roasted vegetables, whole turkeys, roasts, casseroles, fruit crisps and so much more. As always, Sur La Table only offers cookware by brands we know, love and trust, including Staub, Le Creuset, Lodge, All-Clad, Mauviel, SCANPAN and more.

Our Oven Cookware Hero: Cast Iron

If you’re in the market for gorgeous and convenient oven-friendly cookware, let us recommend enameled cast iron products by Le Creuset or Staub. Enameled cast iron is uniquely positioned to serve this need because it’s safe to use on the stove and in the oven, which means it’s a true hero when cooking sumptuous soups, pastas, casseroles and desserts. The colorful Le Creuset and Staub cookware—including cocottes, Dutch ovens and bakers—are the kinds of bakeware you buy piece by piece and pass down to future generations of budding cooks.

Serve your showcase dishes right from your stylish Le Creuset or Staub cookware. These striking enameled pieces look beautiful as the centerpiece of your dining room table or buffet. Just make sure to let them cool before serving and always use your trivets.

Of course, classic cast iron by Lodge is an obvious oven companion, perfect for going from stovetop searing to oven roasting in a single pan. Stainless steel and cast aluminum are also fine choices for many baking applications. Just make sure yours is specifically marked oven-safe, since some pans have hardware or finishes that are not safe for high-temp use. If you’re looking for high-quality roasting pans, stainless steel or aluminum options by SCANPAN or All-Clad will never steer you wrong. Choose a style equipped with a removable roasting rack for cooking the perfect whole turkey, roast or chicken.

There’s so much more to discover at Sur La Table. Be sure to explore our entire collection of high-quality oven cookware for more.