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Make your perfect cup of coffee or tea each day with these products from Sur La Table. Our selection of coffee makers and teakettles includes a variety of brands and designs, so it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. You’ll also find a number of tea and coffee accessories, such as coffee ground canisters and tea infusers. These products are designed to be stylish yet functional, allowing you to outfit your kitchen with durable and beautiful gadgets and accessories that will hold up well for years to come. Learn more about our array of coffee and tea products at Sur La Table.

Tips for Making Tea at Home

Making tea can be a calming and relaxing ritual. Using a classic whistling teakettle allows you to slow down and savor every sip. But when you’re in a hurry, nothing saves time quite like an electric kettle. Grab one of these handy kitchen gadgets when you want to enjoy a hot cup of tea in just a few minutes. Many models can also hold the temperature for a set period of time, so you can top off a cup later on without having to restart the water-heating process. Besides having the right kettle on hand, be sure to choose quality loose-leaf tea and tea bags to get the best flavor. Our selection includes classic options like Earl Grey and English breakfast along with a host of other delicious varieties.

The Best Coffee Maker Brands

No matter what kind of coffee maker you prefer, you’ll love the selection of top-quality brands at Sur La Table. Bonavita coffee makers offer a durable and affordable option if you prefer drip coffee. For award-winning designs, precision features and barista-quality beverages in your own kitchen, check out our Breville coffee machines. One-touch convenience is a highlight of our Nespresso coffee and espresso makers, which work with coffee capsules in a range of rich flavors. Browse our full collection to find the best coffee maker for your needs.