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Ready your kitchen for all the baking duties it’ll need to perform by shopping for quality steel, silicone, ceramic and glass bakeware from Sur La Table. This collection includes everything you’ll need to bring your baked-good dreams to life. Whether you’re whipping up a classic birthday cake for a loved one, preparing cupcakes and cookies for a special event, or creating pies, pizzas and more from scratch, these baking tools are just what you need to get the job done. Get ready to make delicious memories with the people you care about when you add versatile bakeware to your kitchen.

Essential Bakeware for Every Kitchen

Not sure where to begin your bakeware collection? Sur La Table has you covered with a variety of products designed to help you reach your most ambitious baking goals. Start with a set of baking sheets, which can be used for everything from cookies to pizza dough to bacon. To create bakery favorites, choose from our selection of cake pans and cupcake pans. Make it even easier to choose the items you need by selecting one of our all-in-one bakeware sets. You’ll also find casserole dishes designed for making delicious meals like lasagna, potatoes au gratin, breakfast casserole and other comfort-food favorites. You’ll also find specialty bakeware designed to create impressive baked treats such as mini doughnuts and madeleines.

The Best Tools for Home Bakers

While the bakeware that you place in the oven is obviously essential to achieving tasty results, you’ll also want to make sure you have useful tools that make it easier to stick to the recipe. Mixing bowls and measuring cups are two must-have tools for baking, although these handy items work for cooking tasks as well. Use pastry tools and rolling pins to make dough for any recipe, and make quick work of smaller baked goods with cookie cutters and presses. Shop the full collection of bakeware and baking tools at Sur La Table today to find all the kitchen supplies you need for baking perfection.