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Experience the best baking results when you use high-quality bakeware from Sur La Table. Our collection of bakeware essentials, including cookie sheets, cake pans and more, come from some of the top kitchen brands. You can count on this baking equipment for all kinds of recipes and cooking experiments, whether you’re whipping up a classic casserole or trying your hand at making your own delicate, flaky pastries. Choose from an amazing selection of durable bakeware when you browse through this collection on our site.

What Types of Bakeware Do I Need?

There are dozens of bakeware products available in our collection. But what if you’re looking to start with a solid set of basics? At Sur La Table, one of the best ways to get the essentials is to choose from our selection of bakeware sets. This will get you started with a solid collection of durable and versatile equipment for home baking. At minimum, aim to stock your kitchen with a cookie sheet, a half-sheet pan, one or two cake pans, a loaf pan, a muffin pan and a cooling grid. Beyond that, think about what types of specialty baking projects you have in mind and find the appropriate bakeware to match. For example, you’ll also find options like ramekins, tart pans, casserole dishes and madeleine molds in our online collection.

The Top Bakeware Brands

Sur La Table offers products from some of the top bakeware brands. For quality stoneware bakers, you can’t go wrong with beautiful and durable dishes from Le Creuset and Staub. Trudeau silicone bakeware features flexible, nonstick options for muffins, cakes and more. For ultra-durable, professional-grade bakeware, check out USA Pan products made with aluminized steel. Shop for these and other top bakeware brands at Sur La Table today.